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Taxes are personal

We bring to our clients deep breadth and depth of knowledge about Canadian tax in our Tax service offering. We specialize in financial reporting and tax compliance, offering proactive tax solutions to help our clients achieve their desired objectives, while protecting their assets and minimizing tax.

We create thoughtful plans that align with wealth creation strategies for individuals, established businesses, start-ups and estates. Our client-first approach allows our team the flexibility to think outside of the box and broaden the value we bring to the table.

Special skills drive extraordinary results

Corporate Tax Planning

Most companies need to pay taxes. Our aim is to help reduce the amount of tax you pay through strategic planning, and by taking advantage of government incentives and tax regulations to better position your company for tax season. We design our customized tax programs to work for you. And we work with you year-round to keep you informed of new tax legislation and how it may impact your business.

Personal Tax Planning

Taxes are a large expense item throughout your life. So planning to minimize taxes is a critical piece of your overall financial planning process. Our team of tax experts will help you plan for the future and minimize your tax burden. We begin by looking at your overall financial affairs and future plans and then design tax strategies that work towards achieving your goals.

Estate Tax Planning

Our estate tax planning services include the preparation of trust and estate returns, inheritance tax planning and estate planning strategies. We ensure that your inheritance plan is compliant with tax laws and is structured to maximize the financial legacy left to your inheritors.